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A cookie is a small text file that a website stores on your computer or mobile device when you visit the site. In this way, the site remembers your actions and your preferences for a certain period of time and so, you do not have to enter your preferences every time you visit the website or navigate on its pages. Cookies do not collect information individually, but when they are read by a server through an internet browser, they can provide information to provide a more user-friendly service.


The types of cookies used by the website are persistent cookies and session cookies.
•    Session cookies used by are deleted after your browsing has finished and/or after you close your browser.
•    Persistent cookies remain at the computer or your device until you delete them or for a pre-set time for each cookie. In case where cookies remain for several hours, because they are essential to establish the connection with the website, the processing takes place without your consent.
•    For any special case of persistent or session cookies, which are analyzed below, processing takes place based on your consent, unless it is explicitly mentioned that processing takes place without consent.

WHAT ARE THE COOKIES USED BY OUR WEBSITE AND WHAT KIND OF INFORMATION ARE COLLECTED? uses cookies for several purposes depending on their function:


Absolutely necessary cookies are of essential importance for the proper operation of the website. They allow you to browse and use the website’s functions, such as to access secure areas and use the shopping basket. These cookies do not recognize your personal identity. Without these cookies, our website cannot work properly. These cookies are considered technically necessary to establish a connection with our website or to provide an online web service. As a result, this processing takes place upon visiting our website and without your consent.


Functionality cookies help the website to remember your preferences, such the user, name, the language, and your area. So, we can offer you improved and personalized functionalities. In addition, they help in the provision of services you have requested, such as video display or use of social media. They do not enable us to watch your activity on other webpages.


We use cookies to manage traffic in our website in order to identify technical problems, which may arise during browsing. Based on the information collected by these cookies, we fix mistakes and problems, and we are constantly improving the services we offer via our website. So, we meet your personal needs in a better way. The cookies are not used for purposes, other than the ones described in this policy. These cookies are technically necessary to establish connection with the website or for the provision of the online web service. As a result, this processing takes place upon visiting our website and without your consent.


The performance cookies collect information about the way you use the website, such as the pages you visit more often and if you receive error notices. The cookies collect aggregated information. We use them to improve the performance of our website.


These cookies are used for the provision of content, which best suits you and your interests. They may be used to send targeted advertisements/ offers, to restrict advertising or to assess the effectiveness of an advertisement campaign. They can be used so that we remember the websites you have visited, so as to define which electronic marketing channels are more effective. In that way, they help us to award external websites and partners which redirected you to us. In addition, in order to improve our website, we use cookies to collect information about the time and the way the guests interact with our website, the commercials and the services offered via our website. For instance, how may times the guest viewed a specific product or service and if he chose to share it on a social media platform.


These cookies are necessary to connect your account in social networking sites with our website. For instance, you are allowed to republish and share with your friends on social media, information which exist on our website or to follow our page in the social networking sites. Social media cookies are not necessary for browsing our webpage.


We use Google Analytics to understand how the guests use are website and the applications. This means that when you visit our website or the applications, your browser automatically sends some information to Google. This information includes e.g. the address of the website you are browsing and the IP address. You will find more information on the way the Google technology sends some information in the following link
Cookies are stored in your computer or device, after you have been informed about the privacy setting and give your consent for every cookies category, apart from the Basic Cookies, Functionality Cookies, Cookies for management of traffic, for which your consent is not necessary. If you do not accept the cookies or some categories thereof, it is possible that some of the features of our website are not fully available, but in no case, you will be excluded from accessing our website.
At your own discretion you can revoke your consent or object to the use of cookies in your computer or device, to check or/ and delete cookies.
•    You can delete cookies from your computer or device you are using, whenever you want.
•    In this way you revoke your consent, wherever consent was essential for the use of cookies in your computer or device.
•    You can set the browser you are using, in such a way that you get warnings about the use of cookies in specific websites or that the use of cookies is not accepted.


You have the right to ask for information about the processing of your personal data, to have access to the data, to rectify them and to complete them at any time. In addition, you have the right to ask them to be deleted, to restrict processing and to object to processing, to exercise the right to portability or to revoke your consent according to the specifications set out above, and to lodge a complaint with the Data Protection Agency: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. may find more information about the general use of cookies as well as about the methods to exclude or restrict cookies, in the following webpages: και .


This cookie policy may be amended from time to time. That is why we deem it necessary that we regularly check the Cookies policy. This Policy is in force since 26 Oct 2021. In any case of any amendment, the date of amendment will be indicated. The most recent Cookies Policy, as has resulted from the latest amendment, is deemed to be applicable.

This Cookies Policy is supplemented by the Privacy Policy.

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